Intel [10G-SFP-SM-10KM] Intel 10G 1310nm SM 10km SFP+ Transceiver Module 10G-SFP-SM-10KM.. Product #: 10G-SFP-SM-10KM based on 0 reviews

[10G-SFP-SM-10KM] Intel 10G 1310nm SM 10km SFP+ Transceiver Module

P/N (รหัสสินค้า): 10G-SFP-SM-10KM

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Genuine Intel 10G-SFP-SM-10KM
Operating data rate up to 10.3Gbps
1310nm DFB Transmitter
Distance up to 10km
Single 3. 3V Power supply and TTL Logic Interface
Duplex LC Connector Interface,Hot Pluggable
Compliant with MSA SFP+ Specification SFF-8431
Compliant with 10GFC 1200-SM-LL-L FC standard
Compliant with 8.5G FC-PI-4 800-SM-LC-L FC standard
Compliant with 4.25G FC-PI-4 400-SM-LC-L FC standard
Compliant with 2.125G FC-PI-4 200-SM-LC-L FC standard
Compliant with 1.0625G FC-PI-4 100-SM-LC-L FC standard
Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR/LW
Operating Case Temperature Standard:0℃~+70℃

10GBASE-SR at 9.953Gbps
10GBASE-SW at 10.3125Gbps
1000Base-SX Ethernet
8x FC at 8.5Gbps
4x FC at 4.25Gpbs
2x FC at 2.125Gpbs
1x FC at 1.0625Gbps
Other Optical Link

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